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Latest linux 32bit version don't seem to work


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Been try to host on my vps with JA++ but it don't seem to load properly, it keep coming up as either basejka or OpenJK. Lol strange

It loads the folder but not the mod myself, also only my friend can join, I always get crashed

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Going to need more info.

Are you trying the absolute latest versions of JA++ and OpenJK?

Are there any errors or warnings in the console when trying to load the mod?

Are you running the JA++ server on openjkded or (linux)jampded?

What mod + engine are you/your friend using?

How are you trying to launch the server?

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It is the latest versions and there are no warnings coming up, it runs fine but gamename is basejka or OpenJK sometimes, fs_game is japlus though and loads the server.cfg from japlus folder but none of the ja++ commands are working.

I'm running openjkded and my friend is running the openjk client but it don't work for me so i just use regular jamp

and I'm using an auto restart script:



cd /root/jka1.01/gamedata
while true; do
     ./openjkded.i386 +set net_port 14701 +set fs_game "japlus" +exec server.cfg
      echo "JKA server crashed with exit code $?. Respawning.." >&2
      sleep 10
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