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Bugs with April 2015 Build


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I have an April 2015 build of OpenJK installed -- I've used this source to make a custom build, and have been cautious to update since -- and I've noticed two things off programming related in the SP game. I'm sure these issues have been addressed in OpenJK since, but I'm asking where to look to patch/fix them in my custom build.


Issue No. 1: The first two loading screens (before yavin1b and before academy1) show force powers and items that the player doesn't have. On the first screen it shows all force powers in addition to the saber, and on the second screen it shows possession of an blaster rifle in addition to the lightsaber. The original game had only the lightsaber showing on both screens.


Issue No. 2: The water ripples effect around the characters when in water is disabled/off. Anyone know why it has been disabled, and how can I enable this in the code? -- not a bug, found the cause -- thanks @@ensiform!


These are small, personal issues, but I'll sincerely appreciate any pointers and/or help -- thanks.

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It would be best if you just updated your local custom build by merging or rebasing with the upstream.

Am I going to sound stupid if I say I have no idea what "rebasing" is? I know there is a way to update my local source with the latest through GIT, but I've never done this before, and I'm worried how it will affect my custom changes to the code.


Apart from this small UI issue, I'm quite happy with my current SP build, and don't really see the need to upgrade (the SP code). If only I could find out what's causing the extra items/stats to show on the loading screens, so I could manually fix it in my build...


If you don't have shadows turned on, the ripples will not work.

That answers the ripples question. So it's not a bug, then, good to know! Thanks. ^_^

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Actually, scratch the first one as well. I've just found out that the original game makes the same error on the second loading screen, so the only thing that's different is that the first loading screen in my build of OpenJK shows all Force powers instead of none. Hardly worth revamping the code for...


So never mind what I said -- all's well.


Thanks for your help, @@ensiform.

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