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- Race and Fight Tournament -


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Hello folks !


First of all, I am not english, so prepare yourself to read what I'll say with some difficulties...


Well, I had an idea few days ago. A tournament, made of two types of challenge, a Race Part and a Fight Part.


I took inspiration from the old game Rayman M, and I created a lot of maps based from this game.


So the race part will consists in achieving 3 laps by running with speed increased. The winner will be the one who'll finish the 3 laps in the first place. The fight part will consists in a basic fight with lightsaber and weapons (without any power except push, pull and jump). The first one will be the one who'll get 30 kills the first.


The tournament will be organised in 5 events. One event is for one day/night. Every event is made of the succession of 1 race, 1 fight, 1 race, 1 fight, 1 race and 1 fight. Every events contains maps with the same style.


On this topic, I'll give you the skins you can choose. One skin is for one person, that means chosing a skin is for the whole tournament, so choose seriously.


Obviously, there will be some rewards.


If in one event, you win one race, you'll get a bronze reskin.

If you win two races, you'll get a silver reskin.

If you win three races, you'll get a golden reskin.


If you win more races during the tournament, you'll get better skins... but I don't tell more.


If in one event, you win one fight, you'll get an original reskin.

If you win two fights, you'll get three original reskins.

If you win three fights, you'll get a new skin unlocked for the tournament.



To launch the tournament, I need between 9 and 16 challengers.

Every event, the last ones in races and fights will be eliminated. 

To be eliminated from the race part not means you are eliminated from the fight part, and the same for the opposite.


In the first event, there will be a max of 16 challengers,

In the second, 12 challengers max,

In the third, 8 challengers max,

In the fourth, 4 challengers max,

And for the last one, the fifth, 2 challengers. 



If you want to be a challenger, you have to post this form:



SKIN: ???




Now the skins you can choose:





















The tournament will begin a saturday, I'll give you the date here, but before we need to talk about it with challengers, because I want to choose to get the maximum of challengers.


And now one screen from the first race, and one screen from one of the first fight maps:







If you don't understand anything because of my bad english, I'll show you in a video what I mean. 


At every event, I'll give you the maps few hours before.



Now I'm here for your questions and to take your participation. :)



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I thought you were pitching an idea, not organizing a tournament, but this is good too. I have no problem with the idea of having multiple disciplines to a tournament, although I myself prefer the standard format. However, I am not sure what you are trying to do for the combat part: first to 30 frags doesn't quite make sense, seeing as a match between two good players would take a very long time to finish, so I suggest you just set a timelimit to 10 minutes per round or something more realistic. Also, are you going to enable guns? You said the combat part will be played with "lightsaber and weapons", which sounds like guns will be involved, but then if you allow guns, what is the point of restricting force to just push/pull? Either you allow all force powers with guns or you remove guns and force entirely and make it saber-only.

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So, I forget to say that in the combat parts, every challengers will be presents and not only 1vs1. So it could be very fast or very long, depending of the challengers.


I can allow force powers, your argument is valid. :)

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what g_speed value? how are the races set up, is it everyone at once against eachother, or do people get a few tries to individually set a time?  are the two events linked (can you compete in race but not fight?)


the maps look nice and you have the right idea of giving them out only a few hours ahead of time.

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g_speed is the value which define your run speed.


This value is normaly set to 250. For races, it will be 400, so be careful, every jump could bring you very far. :P


Everyone is against eachother, there are 3 laps. The race ends when the last challenger finish or abandonn. The second and first place in a race don't give you rewards, but it can help you if you are one of the last at the next race.


The two events are linked but if you lose every races you can continue fight part and same for the opposite. That means that if you are kicked from the fight part, you still can be a challenger to races, but when the event plays fights, you can just watch and wait, and I assure you, I already launch an event like that, and it is very funny to watch ! :D


Thanks for the maps, there are not really realistic but I worked a lot on light effects, and yes I think giving few hours before allows everyone to discover the map ingame. :)

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