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Hello! I have some question about openjk, I didnt find anything about it, just a bit comments in code from github. So the question is: does it works cl_maxpackets above 100 (e.g. 125) in openjk? In original game it is limited on 100 (ofc in 2004 not many people could run the game with such a high stable fps to send such a high amount of packets, but more than 10 years forward it is easily possible for everyone), whatever you put in, it will be 100 as maximum, but it's kind of old, cause actually you can easily go with 125fps/125mp (or 250/250 whatever) this time, in case of modern. So I just put maxpackets 125, it shows 125 when check, but I have no idea if it works actually or not. I think developers can say better about it, does it fixed or not. Thank you.

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