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Jedi Outcast Single Player Support


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Hey guys! Been following the project as closely as I can since it began.
I'm not much for the multiplayer so I would like to know what has to be done to get single player working for Jedi Outcast. As I understand it there are still some bugs...?
Anyway, I'm a programmer so I wanted to contribute, but I haven't seen any tags on the repo about specific JO bugs that need fixing. Can you point them out and where to begin looking?

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I don't know what the bugs still are if many off hand.  We were just not really focusing on Jedi Outcast for the longest time it was kinda "Use at your own risk".  Now that we separated it to its own exe/renderer (openjo_sp/rdjosp-vanilla) and fixed some of the visual problems I think its mostly better.  Possibly some issues on the other platforms still, but I'm not positive on that.


I do know there are some things plaguing both games such as random NaN assert issues pertaining to impact marks among other things.  Saves don't work cross 64/32.  Memory leaking in save/load IIRC, can't reproduce it right now though.

Also, the UI code in SP is essentially all JASP's code.  So there are definitely some issues when running on JO game.  And things like UI includes the JASP weapon headers, but the jk2game uses its own etc.


We'd love to have it done, we just weren't intending to include it in the first release hence why it does not get built with buildbot.  Feel free to chat with some of the regular maintainers on the IRC channel and maybe we can give you write access ;)

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