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Here you can find some tips, advices and help to avoid known bugs and make your video sweeter.


Sometimes after playing demo backward you can notice dead bodies are being in weird position and/or have wrong models. To not have this you can try to enable rag-doll effect by setting “broadsword 1”.


While capturing you can have some effects (.efx files) disappearing or blinking, or they are too bright (weapon spawn cone). To avoid this try to lower value of “fx_vfps” cvar. Currently it’s 200 and rather low thus it should look very well for everyone. If you want it looks like in regular game then set to 1000. If you have few effects and want them look saturated then up the value. Also with low value effects will blink and won’t be saturated enough.


If your demo was recorded on ja+ server with ja+ client then you have an opportunity to show deaths in scoreboard. Set “cg_japlusFix 1”. Game can crash if that cvar is set to 1 and demo was recorded with base or another client that does not support ja+ deaths feature.


If your demo was recorded on ja+ server with ja+ client and the demo contains grapple hook then to make it look not buggy set “cg_grappleFix 1”. If it was recorded with base client then set “cg_grappleFix 4”. If any of those number didn’t help then try other ones in range 1-9.


If you are recording audio and having strange sounds in output then it’s probably you were recording on low frame update: when mov_captureFPS*mme_blurFrames > 30 (I did not test actual limit, so now it’s 30). Solution is try to recapture your moment with “mme_saveShot 0” and “mme_blurFrames 0” to have high frame update and not recapture screenshots/video again, and it will capture audio very fast. To have correct video and audio synchronization try to set capture range before capturing both video and audio.


If you are capturing stereo 3D and capturing a player in third person view then you probably have not matching left and right outputs. It happens because third person view has independent on game time camera damp update. To avoid this try set “cg_thirdPersonCameraDamp 1” and “cg_thirdPersonTargetDamp 0” and camera will be locked to third person view without delay on updating third person camera position. (It is not about chase or camera mode, only “cg_thirdPerson”.)


If your game crashes on capture start, then try to up “mme_workMegs” value, max is 512.


If you want to capture depth of field mask screenshot but don’t know what values to use, then try “mme_depthFocus 4000” and “mme_depthRange 2000” as a starting point. Play with values to see differences.


You can also find more useful information in cvars.txt and cmds.txt that comes with jaMME mod in "mme" folder.

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