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4. How to do chasecam in camera mode (a defrag-like camera)


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There was a time before q3mme (therefore before jaMME). Some people created camera paths with their mouse in that time, the dudes who knew something about moviemaking used defrag to create all kinds of cameras. Even today still some movies come out with defrag-cams in them.

You can also set original defrag-cams up in jaMME, here is how to do it, it is not even hard.

1. Choose which object to chase
2. Create the camera path


Indeed you hear right, chase object. Defrag cameras are usually chase cameras. Now you ask yourself, "Why don't I use the Chase camera then?". Well, there is a big difference between Chase camera mode and Defrag camera mode. I just call them like that, they don't really have names, hehe.
So: In the chasecam you lock your camera to an object. The camera will always look at the object but also follow its position! Defrag cameras in contrast to that: The camera will always look at the object, but not follow the object's position. Like this you can easily create some very stylish cameras like you might have seen in so many defrag movies. Here is how you do it...

Choose an object to chase

Whether you want a rocket, a grenade, a player, ammo, armor or weapons laying around, go fly to that object in camera view mode and camera edit mode. The defrag-like camera is done in the first editing mode. You may hold both mouse buttons now to see which entities you can lock on. If you chose something sweet, hold mouse1 while looking straight at the entity, then hit the F button. The entity is marked with white borders. Done with this step, not really hard, huh :)

Create the camera path

Similar to the normal chasecam, you notice that you cannot move freely anymore now. You always need to hold mouse1 down to be able to change your position. You can use the keys A S W D to move around, the camera will always look at the "defrag-object". Now just create a camera path like you always did before with the V button and so on (I really hope you read any other tutorial before this, so you know what I talk about, ..you meanie).
Later on, lock the camera with R and capture it then. Finished.

Note: I wrote this tutorial already before mme 1.5 is out where the function is working very well. It might be a bit nasty in 1.4 to keep the camera locked to the entity, but you might find out. 1.5 is close! Good day, fun with trying this.

Quick setup

1. Load a demo
2. Go to camera view mode by typing "/view camera" or use the X and Z keys
3. Go to camera edit mode by pressing 1
4. Move over to an object you want to chase with the defrag-cam
5. Look straight at it, hold mouse1, hit the F button, you're locked now
6. Move around, make up a camera path
7. Capture it, eat it or whatever, good luck


Credits: John "auri" from q3mme crew; original: link.

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