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Posting Images from Dropbox

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Dropbox is a wonderful tool for sharing files with people. One thing that many people want to use it for is image hosting because of the no-loss quality compared to main image hosting sites. But they run into an issue with sharing image links. It's just a link!
This is how to make your Dropbox images show up directly so people don't have to click a link to see them.
Log in to your Dropbox account and go to the image you want to share. Then click "Share Link" up in the toolbar.
When the new tab opens, click "Get Link" in the pop-up window.
Now that you have your link, go paste it where you are going to post it.
Here's my link:


Right now, it's just a link to the picture. We want to make it a direct link.
So delete "www" at the beginning and replace that with "dl". So now it's:


Now it's a direct link!
If you want to post it as an image here on JKHub, you have to use image tags with it. These tags look like this:

[img=    ]

Just put your new link in tags like that and it should now post as an image!


Posting Video from Dropbox
Embedding video from a direct link should now be supported on JKHub. This includes Dropbox. Just use the shared link method like above (make sure to change www to dl) but just paste the link, and it should embed automatically. This supports MP4 currently.


To know how to implement in this in your IP.Board site, go here.



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