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The story will remain the same as the original DF2 canon version, at this stage dark side won't be added.



Movie Creation/Conversion (list will grow per level):


- STAR WARS & text crawl

- Intro movie (Qu Rahn's death)

- Kyle meets with 8t88





1) Nar shadda - find 8t88 before he leaves Nar shadda!

2) Nar shadda - find 8t88's arm holding the disc

7) Yun - defeat the young dark jedi Yun





- change start map from yavin1 to 01narshadda

- implement first person melee

- remove certain weapons dropping from NPCS



Weapon/Item/Music .dat Files:


- add back the disruptor (sniper weapon seen on Rodians in JO)

- restore the bacta useable health to what it was in JO



Player Models/NPCs: (need to check what other models are needed)


- Kyle Katarn - DT

- Civilians - DT

- 8t88 - DT

- Yun Fixup - DT

- Gran with brown clothing - Barricade24



Weapon Models:


- First person melee - DT (Dependant on Kyle Katarn being finished)

- Replace all first person hand models with Kyle Katarns - DT (Dependant on Kyle Katarn being finished)





- Fully functional menu, removing anything that resembles base JKA





- DF2 style HUD





- Kyle sounds

- Misc sounds for NPC's, etc.



Gameplay Related:


- Player will have to search out ammo & most weapons, NPC's will not drop them when they die. Explosives excluded.

- When player obtains the lightsaber, you will gain more force powers & stances as you progress through the game.

- Some of the force powers seen in the original DF2 will not be present in this project due to coding reasons.









Last Updated: 8th October 2013.

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