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Error with no defined bots


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Hello, i recently detected a problem when u add non defined bots, like /rcon addbot jan, and says Error: bot 'jan' not defined... after this error, the "client" is added bypassing the error. and was added as an invisible client (taking a clientnumber). if i set /rcon status, i can see the bots i added with the error.


there is a screenshot:


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Try to add Jan in "Create server" menu and start server or create this server and /addbot Jan. If there is error, check assets0/botfiles.

yes i know, the problem isnt the bot, im not saying "oh, i cant add jan" jan is not my problem, im talking about "is adding a client if the bot doesnt exist", if i put "/addbot iuwqeyiqwyue" i adding a bot, this cant be possible, need to be fixed

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