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Sabers show up in gun and melee duels


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Everything is working great except 1 thing, when you do a melee duel or a duel with guns its always 3rd person, and the saber shows up in the players hand as if it were a saber duel.  I was curious if anyone had an issue with this or if anyone has found a solution?  I have tried everything I can think of so now I'm reaching out.

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Are you definitely using the JA++ client-side? It's required for weapon duels. Vanilla/other client mods constantly try to reset the weapon back to saber each frame when you're in a duel.

That explains why you can't see their saber (because the server is telling you they have a weapon) but you can each see yourself holding a saber.

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I am definitely using the ++ client-side, and just to be sure it wasn't something conflicting I did a fresh install of JKA with the ja++ client and tried again.  Same issue.  


Also what is the best setting for:



what is the best block settings to make it most like base?

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