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[Solved] How can I give shield(personal shield like a player) to npc?

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Long time no see, because I got interested in Star wars again, recently I'm enjoying JKA with KOTF 2.1.


Anyway, I have a question about npc.


While I'm playing the JKA KOTF movie campaign, I saw that a npc shows a transparent shield barrier when I attacked him.  I think it's personal shield(green bar in HUD) which a player basically has, not a shield of Assassin Driod!!

And then, maybe there is a way to give a personal shield to a specific npc.  But I don't know how to do it.

At first, I thought it can be done with editing .npc file, however there wasn't a method or variable like 'shield', 'armor'.....  I can't give a shield by using cheat code either.


Is there a way to give personal shield(green bar in HUD) to npc?




I recently found a way.

By using a script, I can give them shield gauge.

But in KOTF 2.1, I cannot give a name to a npc even if I use 'npc spawn <npc type> <npc name>'.

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  • syainkn changed the title to [Solved] How can I give shield(personal shield like a player) to npc?

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