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How to port a jedi academy saber hilt to jedi outcast?

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You can compare the glm saber models for Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast sabers using the ModView tool. At first glance, I can see that Jedi Outcast appears to use a tag called "*flash" to define where the blade starts, while Jedi Academy uses "*blade1", presumably due to the added support for multi-bladed sabers. So you'll have to edit the model to rename the tag, which can be done using the Blender Plugin or a hex-editor (making sure to replace instead of insert so the overall file length stays the same).

The other issue is that Jedi Outcast does not have customisable sabers. That either needs to be programmed in (which needs to be done inside the VR port), or you can replace the default saber by giving the new one the same name. If you go the latter route, you should provide one PK3 file per saber, and then the player has to choose only one of them.

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