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Arcane Jinx Port to JKA

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Alright so, in love with the show, and i've gotten my hands on a high quality model of Jinx, and was wondering if anyone could make a slight tweak to it and make it useable in JKA, i'll just need the model working and the textures fitting, i can handle sounds and all that but i'm a total noob when it comes to blender, so have no idea where to start.

Can provide .rar if anyone's up for it


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1 hour ago, Xioth said:

It's helpful to provide a picture beforehand whether the model is included or not. Also we have mountains of tutorials here.

Sorry about that, added a picture.

Tried the tutorial, I'll never be able to wrap my head around blender sadly.

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  • Ari changed the title to Arcane Jinx Port to JKA

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