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Humanoid Rocket Trooper for a model. Does anyone know how to make it hit the same as the hazardtrooper or rockettrooper?

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I once made a request for the porting of a model, maybe you know it because it is a modified variant of the Bulldozer from Payday 2, and well, not to give more details, the model was fitted with the rockettrooper humanoid, although it works from the Everything, it will replace the hazardtrooper, it works when placing it with the replacement of the hazardtrooper, but the problem is that when it pushes you like the hazardtrooper it does not put the animation of the push as it should, and well it is a little problem that has not been possible fix, and well, and I was wondering if: is it possible to fix this to stick like hazardtrooper or rockettrooper? If anyone knows about this, please send me a PM.

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