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Bot chat functions changed??

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Heya people of JKHub...

I play JKA solo, with Zykmod, vs bots. That's my way to go with this game. I have Mario and Luigi from Mario Bros in my team - I made the bots myself. I added bot relation, so they don't attack each other even in ffa, and I added funny comments/reactions if one of them were killed. So, if Luigi dies, Mario would say something about it. They are very talkative as bots.

Now... I added OpenJK, the latest version, just yesterday. And the Mario/Luigi bots no longer comment if some of them die! What's odd, is that they actively seek to attack each other, despite my bot settings. 

What happened here? And how do I get the previous function back? It is very very annoying, as the comments give me some comic relief during gameplay. 😕

Thanks in advance.

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