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Moviebattles 2 videos with JAMME

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Hello there!

Most here probably don't know me so let introduce myself: I am just a passionate star wars nerd from Finland and I have been making MBII videos since 2006. I was making videos with PUG mod until this wonderful MOD called JAMME landed on MBII and really stepped up the editing of videos to the next level. At first I was making videos for my own channel until a copyright claim with JAMME's code that prevented the use of JAMME in closed source programs such as MBII. However this did not prevent the use of JAMME in private use which meant that by joining MBII's dev team I was allowed to continue making videos with JAMME on MBII's official youtube channel.

Videos: I was mainly doing MBII frag videos until around 4 years ago when I started making MBII funny moments which has proven to be much more popular than just plain frag videos. I am releasing a new video tomorrow 10 pm gmt +3 and it will be live so if youre interested in that, here is the link:

Here are examples of videos:

Latest frag video to show a bit more intense camera movements

Latest MBII moments video

Another frag video but from my old channel which has all my older stuff from 2009 or so. I sadly lost some of my oldest videos when my original account was banned by youtube and I had also lost the originals on my computer.



Old youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/Gargosfragvideos

Current youtube channel which gets new material from time to time: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCacDKJq0hWocJWIqtptribw?view_as=subscriber

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