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I'm a person that calls himself Marana, some background with web development I don't know how to do crazy stuff yet but I know how to do...things. I'm a aspiring 3D Artist and hopefully mapper for JK if not then I guess I'll just look in other places. I'm underage (yes I'm underage) and I uh- roleplay. Alot. Though before that I spent alot alot of time dueling in MBII which I gotta say I miss now that I'm playing Jedi Academy again. I miss blue-lunging people off of cliffs, annoying them with my blue combo's and tasting that bittersweet satisfaction of team-killing an annoying teammate. Tried juggling both RP and MBII but for some reason MBII doesn't like a modded JK so I've taken a break from that. I'm probably going to suck ass again at dueling...

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