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Who most likely to fit in force lightning?

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Maybe Everybody say "It's Palpatine."

At one's point of view, that's right. But he's too old to wield it like a protagonist of novels and movies.

There are only few characters that fit in lightning. First example is starkiller. He is young enough and has familiar images with lightning. And he is a genius in this field, too.

Second example is your custom character whose age is young enough. Though custom character has no images familiar to any force powers, that's why you can substitute any images to your character. By doing this, your character can fit in lightning or anything else as much as you like.


On the contrary, existing characters like Luke Skywalker or Kyle kartan don't fit in lightning.

Maybe they can use it if they want to. But image between them and lightning doesn't fit!

They also created their own images for many years. In short, they are old man, too.

They would better wield a lightsaber and use telekinesis rather than trying to use lightning.


My opinion is this!

Force lightning is not only a symbol of unlimited power of Sith Lord but also a symbol of bravery and youth and a great tool of young protagonists!!

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