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Bug with characters and NPC

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hi all,
there is a problem in the mod KOTF 2.1, when we load the checkpoint of a map or a new map, the chosen character is reset and we have a mix with the character chosen but with the abilities of a "random character", the lightsaber disappear and we have only the beginning of the blade, and the force return to 100 (and random powers).
Futhermore, we have an other problem with NPC, when we spawn too much of the same NPC there is a mix with the shaders of your current character and those of the NPC, and it done something very strange.
Maybe it will be link with the board of the NPC's spawn ? (if you use a board xD)


i spawned around 50 NPC, and the result is the mix

i chosen a character without a lightsaber and when i load a new map or the checkpoint of the map i have an incomplete lightsaber.


If you want some screenshots ask to my email adress, thelord.gbourmault@gmail.com


thanks to read me and i hope you could help.

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