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Saber Blocks - Cvars - Help


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I have a Server with JA++ installed , and I have completly no clue how to turn off or at least reduce saber blocks by 70 percent as of right now, they are terrible. The Saber blocks almost every hit, which makes the game (competitively) almost unplayable. I did set these cvars to a minimum:


set japp_saberBlockChanceMax "-1" // Maximum chance of saber blocking


set japp_saberBlockChanceMin "-1" // Minimum chance of saber blocking


set japp_saberBlockChanceScale "-1" // Minimum chance of saber blocking


set japp_saberBlockStanceParity "-1" // Difference between block rate of each stance


set japp_saberTweaks "256"



However, the saber still blocks almost everything, so I do not know how to fix these. I would highly appreciate any help or explanation of how I could fix that.


Thank You.

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