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[Released] JKGalaxies 1.3.18 (Preview Version)

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Hey everybody, in case you haven't been on the discord, here's a summary of changes planned so far for the next release of JKG.  If you'd like to try it out and help us bug test, feel free to download the binaries here and the assets here (just follow the readme instructions to install).  Please note that you will have to replace pre-existing installs of JKG entirely if present (other than maps), as this is a full install - this is due to some directory changes and significant asset changes a smaller patch is not possible.  I hope to have a Dev server up by the end of this weekend to have somewhere for people to test changes.  The official release will be out forthcoming after this preview release has been more fully tested and possibly one or two more features are finished.


EDIT: A preview patch (for v1.3.19) is available here.  You need 1.3.18 installed first before you can apply the patch.




Changes included in v1.3.18


New Features

New Cvars

  • g_teamsLocked : (default 0), if set to 1 will lock the teams so
    players cannot switch teams after 20% of the match timelimit has passed
    (new players have 3 minutes to pick a team).
  • g_teamSwitchTime : (default 5), how many seconds players must wait
    before switching teams
Bug Fixes and Balance Changes
  • fixed blank name on bacta grenades
  • client data now keeps track of how much a player has spent
  • fixed jkg_buyAnnounce so that it can be disabled, set to announce to your team, or to both teams
  • exploit fix with pay
  • selling back starter guns now shows correct price (1) in shop menu
  • starting weapon ammo is now free of charge
  • ammo for the losing team is discounted off normal price depending on how badly the team is losing by (note: unfortunately this is not displaying correctly yet, though the actual charged amount is correct)
  • compiler fixes
  • don't reward our own team teamkillbonuses for suicides or team kills!
  • don't reward the teamkillbonuses if someone switches teams!
  • increased default spawn invulnerability time to 4 seconds from 3.

Changes included in v1.3.17


New Features


New Vendors

There are now several new types of vendors and treasure class sets, vendors can also use specific fail/buy/interaction sounds if present. You can use these in game by spawning an npc vendor with the command npc spawn vendor npc_name vendorclass eg:/npc spawn vendor vendor_medic medicalvendor


Healing Buffs

There are now healing buffs, presently no shop weapons actually use them, but we will soon have a number of items put in to make use of these such as bacta grenades. There are two test items currently that use healing buffs including the grenade_bacta_antidote-e grenade and the medicinal slugthrower ammo.


New Efx For Poison

On body hit effects for poison are now here.


Bug Fixes and Balance Changes
  • Healing plums work again!
  • Weapons can do negative damage (healing).
  • Price adjustments to some weapons and slight balance changes
  • CTF Credit bonus fixes.
  • jkg_allowDebuffKills 1 will now use debuff settings to determine whether the debuff can do a last hit and finish someone off
  • Reorganization of some code modules for cleaner code and improved performance
  • Reorganization of some file structures for zz_jkg_asset5.pk3 and glua/server files
  • Added "percentage" (boolean) to debuff data, will interpret damage as a % of current health to inflict rather than a hard number (eg: 25 would do 25% of the target's current health).
  • Ammo price adjustments
  • Nerfed costs for some of the more expensive weapons to make them more likely to be purchased and used.
  • Shield prices have been reevaluated based on their usefulness from play testing
  • Healing Plums now work for items that use lua scripts (such as bacta).


Changes included in v1.3.15


New Features


Passive Credit System

Configurable via cvars, player's will gain a small amount of credits when employeed by a team every thirty seconds. Those who join late will be paid what they would have received had the been on a team from the beginning of the match. Three cvars control variables for this system:

  • jkg_passiveCreditsAmount, defaults to 15 credits; how much to be paid each iteration
  • jkg_passiveCreditsRate, defaults to 30000 milliseconds; how often to pay
  • jkg_passiveCreditsWait, defaults to 60000 milliseconds; how long to wait till player's receive payments
  • jkg_passiveUnderdogBonus, defaults 1, disabled if set to 0. If enabled gives 20% increased credits to the losing team's players when passive credits are awarded.
    Setting jkg_passiveCreditsAmount to 0 will disable this system on the server.
Underdog Reward System

For late joins introduced. Intended to help player's who join the game's losing team catch up more quickly and keep up with the opposition.

  • jkg_underdogBonus defaults to 1, disabled if set to 0. If enabled, gives player's who join late additional starting credits depending on when they join the game consult the following table


    less than 30% match complete = +10% credits
    30-44% match complete = +25% credits
    45-59% match complete = +40% credits
    60-64% match complete = +70% credits
    65-69% match complete = +80% credits
    70-79% match complete = +100% credits
    80-100% match complete = +125% credits

    Additionally if the winning team is only ahead by 2 or less points, the credit reward is halfed.



Team Kill Bonus System

Configurable via cvar, all player's on a team will be given a bonus amount of credits anytime any player on their team gets a kill (the killer is excluded from this reward). Use jkg_teamKillBonus to set the amount to reward, if set to 0 Team Kill Bonuses are disabled. Player's who's rank (kill count) doubled is less than their death are rewarded double.


Improved Bounty System

A new cvar, jkg_MaxKillStreakBounty will limit the maximum amount of credits one can receive from claiming a bounty by limiting the multiplier used to determine credit rewards when claiming a bounty. The default is 7. For example: Suppose Jill kills Jack 8 times and has a killstreak of 8. Jack kills Jill but will only receive the max reward (as if Jill had a killstreak of 7). This will help better balance bounties so they don't tip the scales too drastically. Additionally whenever a bounty holder dies from natural causes (falling off a cliff, suicide, etc) the opposing team will receive the bounty divided up by the number of players on that team.

Bug Fixes and Balance Changes
  • Disabled jkg_safeTreasureClasses by default until that system can be fixed
  • MAX_PLACEABLE_CONSUME_WPNS increased to 20 (you can now have up to 20 detonators/trip mines on the field at once).
  • Fixed a minor problem with safeTreasureClasses attempting to read memory out of bounds
  • Other miscellaneous bug fixes, code refactors, and optimizations.
  • Various item price adjustments and slight damage changes for better balance.
  • Refactored some code
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Hosting test matches for v1.3.18 today. The server is up and running, feel free to try in the meantime and play a match on your own terms. 

We'll be holding 3 matches tomorrow (20th of October 2018) at :

  • UTC 6:30pm - 7pm
  • UTC 9:30pm-10pm
  • Sunday UTC 2:30am-3:00am



EDIT: Thanks for the matches everyone!

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