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Adding in our own NPCs, models, and maps

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Hey guys! I've been playing the hell out of this mod, and it's probably one of my most played games in a while. I know you guys are hard at work on future updates and I couldn't be happier. However, knowing that you guys are doing a ton of work on the mod, we don't want to give you guys too much to do and end up overwhelming you, and we know that certain models and maps may be impossible to port in because their creators don't approve. So here's what I was thinking about, what if you gave us a tutorial of some sort to add in our own NPCs, playermodels, and maps? Essentially allowing us to port in anything created by the community, letting us mod, well... this mod. This would allow us to play kotf in any map with any character, Star Wars or not. This would also seriously increase the replay-ability and would make even more insane combinations than there already are.


Again, I know you guys are hard at work, so don't feel pressured to make this a reality, but I'm sure some of us would love it!

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