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Let's talk about the bad guys' plan in TFU...

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Note: Ok, I know that many people dislike and even hate TFU, but in this topic, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT. Stay on subject, will you's? :rolleyes:


Ok, so the game starts with Vader going to Kashyyyk to take out Kento Marek - a Jedi survivor of Order 66. He makes his way to Kento's hut, fights, and kills him. He's surprised to find out that Kento has a little son, but instead of killing the boy, he takes him away, and trains him as his secret apprentice. Here, we're led to believe that it may have been due to Vader's paternal feelings (after all, he knew he was supposed to become a father back before he turned to the Dark Side, and then the Emperor told him that both Padme and their unborn child were dead; he didn't know that his child(ren) survived). Vader doesn't want the Emperor finding out about the boy, so he kills his troops on Kashyyyk right before they could kill him (Galen). Later, we learn that he took the boy because he saw the great potential, and thus hatched up a(nother) way to kill the Emperor, his master - Vader being THE Sith apprentice, it was his ultimate goal, as per Sith teachings, after all - but we're again led to believe that paternal feelings played some part, because they were supposed to kill the Emperor together, not to mention that despite the brutal traning methods, he never otherwise mistreated Galen. So, time went on, young Galen grew up, and grew in power, and Vader finally sends him on missions to find and kill other surviving Jedi, but also, to train him against Force-wielding opponents. He orders Galen to kill any Imperials he might run into during his missions so as to avoid tipping off the Emperor of their plan. Three missions later, the Emperor's spies manage to somehow track Galen to Vader's flagship (despite Galen killing all witnesses during his missions, having a fast ship with a ton of cloaking devices, and an ace pilot, to boot - I know there are different kids of spy tactics, and that the Emperor doesn't really fully trust Vader, but it's still kinda suspicious, isn't it?), and the Lord of his Mightiness himself shows up to confront Vader over the matter. He orders Vader to kill Galen lest he wanted to die alongside the boy for betrayal, and Vader complies, throwing Galen against walls, and finally, out the window and into space, to his effective death. Later we're shown that Galen's body is recovered and that he's brought back to life (are we sure he wasn't cloned all the way back then, and that the whole cloning subplot in TFU2 wasn't just a hoax?). Vader informs Galen that it was a diversion to calm the Emperor (and get his mind off the intended punishment), orders him to get together a Rebellion, and lets him loose, also saying that they'll have to reduce contacts to a minimum so as to avoid suspicion from the would-be rebels and the Emperor himself, as Vader'll be watched closely. So, Galen goes around the Galaxy, getting the potential rebels together and attacking Imperial targets. Finally, the Rebel Alliance meets up to be officially formed, but it turns out to be a trap by Vader (and the Emperor), who planned on capturing the major Imperial dissidents red-handed all along. He reveals that he lied to Galen from the very beginning (which beginning exactly?), and that he does plan to take out the Emperor, just not with him (what a blow for poor Galen, he immidiatelly lost both his master and his father-figure). The rebels are taken away, whereas Galen falls off a cliff and is (at least supposedly) assumed dead by Vader. Finally, Galen goes to save the rebels, fights and defeats Vader, then the Emperor, and sacrifices himself (Light Side, canon ending) to let the rebels escape. In the end, the Emperor scolds Vader for losing control of the situation, and creating the Rebel Alliance that they'll now have to deal with.


So what I want to know is, if it was Vader's plan from the beginning - to train Galen and use him to help the Empire and maybe kill the Emperor - when was the Emperor let in on the plan? Did he initially plan to take out the Emperor with Galen's help, but at some point, got a change of heart? Why? If it was Vader's plan, and the boy indeed came as a surprise (but a welcome one - at least, initially), when, and more importantly - why did he decide to inform the Emperor of this plan, and betray Galen - when he could have indeed used him to, at the very least, cripple the Emperor before killing him, and thus, to become the Dark Lord of the Sith?

Alternatively, if it was the Emperor's plan to begin with, did he know about Kento's son, that Vader would spare out of paternal feelings, and would train as an agent to despose of dissidents, using the Sith teachings as a reason to motivate the boy until finally betraying him, and arresting the would-be rebels?



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One of the final lines the Emperor says seems to suggest he was in on it to some degree.


“You must be relentless. If even a single rebel survives, this alliance that WE’VE created... will be our undoing.”


Palpatine doesn’t exactly strike me as someone who would share responsibility in the failures of his apprentice nor someone who would shy away from saying “this Alliance that YOU created like an IDIOT” so clearly he was involved to some degree.


Either after Vader spaces Starkiller or after he’s initially discovered on Kashyyyk. They probably know that a “Jedi” is a good rallying and inspiring figure for rebellion so training a force sensitive for that purpose to root out their enemies isn’t a terrible idea, they just underestimated how inspiring it would be and it backfired when he sacrificed himself. The Juno love interest was probably what sabotaged their plan.

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