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Ashara Zavros

Guest Nuv3RMind

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Approved. Thank you for all suggestions, they were very helpful. The approved models will be in the next update. But for now on we are closing models updating process. Feel free to post more suggestions though. However they will not be taken into consideration for the upcoming update.

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Guest Nuv3RMind

Thank you very much for already approving so many of my suggested Models for the next Update. (^▽^)


I am done posting any new Model suggestions for now.

I'll let you work on the dozens I have already put up, for the next Update and every Update that might follow. (/^▽^)/


I just want to make sure that there is no rush to include all the Models right away, please take your time to make every inclusion perfect. o(^▽^)o

The reason I say this is, that I have been pretty much the only person to post suggestions. I am afraid it might have made me look like a greedy j***, who wants everything for nothing. / :

This is definitely not the case. I appreciate all the work you do for me/ for us to make this Mod the best possible Mod that there is.


Thank you very much for your excellent work and for your open ears towards the community, even annoying pests like me. ^^


Yours sincerely,

A huge Fan. 

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