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(Mac) Game launches in window super zoomed in

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When launching the game, a window pops up that lets you choose if you want to open the game in full screen or in a window. I accidentally clicked "do not display this message again." and then clicked the option to open the game in a window. Now when it launches it is in a super zoomed-in window and I cant navigate the menu at all. I'm looking for help to either, (1) somehow undo the "do not display this message again." option so I can choose full screen or (2) if there is a keyboard shortcut for Mac to make the game full screen because I can't find anything about that. Thanks for any help![/background]

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Open the console by pressing SHIFT and ~


Then type /r_fullscreen 1


You may not be able to see all that you type because of the situation, but get that typed in and press Enter. Then type /vid_restart


The game should restart in fullscreen.


If you want to actually play in windowed mode, you can type: 


/r_mode -1

/r_customwidth 1600

/r_customheight 1024
Replace 1600 and 1024 with whatever resolution you want it to be.
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