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No server.cfg?


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So i went from ja+ to ja++ and was unable to find a server.cfg i could use that covers everything. I am not sure if i got all the cvars needed to tweak the settings correctly. I have been studying the cvars page posted here. It helped alot but some things i havent been able to figure out are... After a duel... It doesn't say the amount of HP the winner had left. Also, In ja+ the Motd that appears once you actually go in the server doesnt work. JP_MOTD doesnt seem work. So when i go into my server... Nothing at all is displayed. And something im confused about is.. For example. Amrename says $ renamed to $ or something along those lines instead of showing who renamed who to what.

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japp_duelStats is a bit-value which can show +1: health remaining, +2: duration, +4: number of hits


For MotD, you'll want the JPLua plugin. Drop it in japlus folder.

japp_motd "Hello!\nThis server is running JA++\n\nEnjoy your stay"

japp_motdType 1 = console print, 2 = chat message, 3 = centerprint (ja+ style)

japp_motdTime <seconds> - only applicable for centerprint.


Looks like a bug with amrename. Check out the admin_strings.json file for customisation. Can leave it empty to remove the message.

Reported to issue tracker

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I did get it to display remaining health and shield after a duel but it goes straight to console print. Is there a way to make it ja+ style centerprint? . 

The motd does'nt go away even though i have it set for only 8 seconds. it will begin at 1 and not go away. It stays dtuck at 1. It does go away if any other centerprint comes on the screen. But if i dont do anythithing to make that happen it will stay there. This doesnt happen to all players but it does for some and me as well. Also, I tried to ammindtrick another player and it kicked everyone off the server including myself. I did this a few times and each time it kicked everyone off the server. idk if the fact that he was a lower level admin had anything to do with it? i didnt try mindtricking anyone else. 

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I have tried different values to make it possible to set more than 10 mines but no matter what the value the max still seems to be 10.

I added 4 bots at the bottom of the server.cfg underneath the map part, and i made minimum bots 0 maximum bots 4 (im not sure if im using the correct cvars). When I do exec server... there will be duplicates of each bot so theres 8, even though the max is 4. And after dropping all of the server side JPLUA plugins into japlus... now the server randomly broadcasts "Remember to have fun! Have a nice day!" how do i edit this message? i was something one of these plugins would fix the motd now counting down and instead only showing 1 and being stuck but that problem still hasn been resolved. other messages i still cant find where to edit are when a player joins he server it will cut off... saying like playername has joined the ba. Is there somewhere i can add a \n in there to make it not do thatt if so where? afer duels it will say "You has won the duel"

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Here's my current findings/TODO list from this thread:


MOTD not working (in-progress)

Need to revert this commit most likely. I think it was written with cg_queueCenterprint in mind (which is a wrong assumption)


duel stats not printing right (fixed, need to upload build)

It does print (to console and center of screen) depending on japp_duelStats value, just need to account for long lines.

Might be related to player join messages being cut off, need to investigate/test more.

Fixed the long lines being cut off too. It was a basejka bug in the client code that's supposed to split long lines but wasn't actually.


amrename admin string not working (fixed, need to upload build)

Removed the admin string, now just prints to console like JA+ instead


ammindtrick is a mess (fixed, need to upload build)

Rewrote it (it never actually worked, wasn't tested - I didn't write it :3), added admin strings + centerprint for it


server randomly broadcasts "have a nice day" (resolved)

Change japp_autoMsgText, japp_autoMsgType, japp_autoMsgDelay - from sv_lua_automsg plugin


can only place 10 tripmines (resolved)

Seems the cvar was renamed to japp_removeOldExplosives at some point to account for infinite detpacks too


minimum bots 0 maximum bots 4 (resolved, kind of)

These cvars are slightly confusing. After some slight testing, looks like bot_maxBots only takes effect if bot_minPlayers is not 0.

I think the intention is to have e.g. bot_minPlayers 3; bot_maxBots 2 so you can have 2 bots, have someone join without it kicking any bots, but if more players join it will start kicking bots.

As for custom bot naming etc, I suggest making/using a mod to customise the names/models/etc in the botfiles. I see no reason to add another complex system to manage bots when the game already allows customisation of them.

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