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JKA Relay Race - ESA Summer 2021 (Hekathon) - Custom Assets

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About This File

The pk3 files in this zip include all assets made for the
ESA Summer 2021 JKA relay race on the Hekathon block.

The screenshots show only some of the assets, as you can see the rest in the VOD of the race.

You can rewatch the whole race here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1098077928

I have seperated out all the models (that were made by JO and me) used by the racers
named them after the respective player for easy use.
(The skins for both JaydenOwem and TaoSky come with the basketball TD model)

Also included are:

Levelshots - loading screen images from yavin1b to (excluding) vjun1
Supremes - Supreme blasters, demp, Supreme Kyle, Gucci Luke, SupremePO
WideAlora - Wide Alora playermodel (replaces alora1 and alora2)
BuffRagnos - model, texture and earrape voice lines (to remove earrape, just delete sound folder in the pk3)
RoshTTS - all rosh dialouge from yavin1b is replaced with Text2Speech
BeachTroopers - Beach Trooper reskin from Lego Star Wars


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finally a mod that makes ugly ragnos just a little bit sexy. I have been looking for a mod like this for 19 years since the game came out. growing up I always thought ragnos was just a little bit flat for someone who can skip leg day all he wants since he has no legs (come on raven). my only criticism would be, is ragnos sexy enough? I mean honestly why stop there. i think a force ghost like the ultimate sith lord himself could literally lift all day every day since he's been in that tomb since kotor 1 right? (no i do not consider kotor 2 or star wars jedi knight the old republic to be cannon). tavion doesn't open it until like thousands of years after that, so one could reasonably conclude he doesn't have much else to do except pump iron for all that time. any way im just hoping sexy marka ragnos finally gets the main-stream, cannon attention his juicy muscles deserve. (please disney!!!)

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These are some of the best memes I've ever seen!! Especially ones made by Jayden, not that Laay guy even though i do very much respect the guy, he is CARLAay after all, am I right???!?!? 😳

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I LOL'ed at the TTS Rosh. I feel like this mod would be much better if most of them were split off into individual releases.

The Beach Trooper specifically should totally be submitted to the Summer Mod Contest!

Response from the author:

thanks! all this stuff was made for the relay race and some people asked us to share the files. I thought this would be the right place to upload them, but I didn't bother splitting them up individually, as I didn't think they'd find much use outside of the people who asked for them.

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