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  1. I'll definitely give it a try in the next few days on my other twi'lek skin, tho i just started using Blender - and 3d modeling in general - so it may take some time.
    I bypassed the problem on this one, by using Alora's face instead of jedi_tf, and it works just fine,

    Thanks for helping guys, i'll post as soon as I can try Cagelights solution.

  2. I tried what you suggested, but the problem still persists -_- 
    Im pretty sure
     my model.glm is the source of the bug since it has the same problem with the jedi_tf-s original face texture, and my texture works properly with the original jedi_tf model.glm.
    I guess all i can do is trying to recreate my model, maybe with an updated blender, and hope for the best.
    Its kinda strange tho, i editted some models in this very skinpack with different default models (luke, and jedi_hm), and this bug only exists with 2 twi'leks (i meand 2/2).
    Thank you guys for the help anyway, i'm pretty obligated.

  3. I need a little help with my frankenstein model I've been working on.
    So, my model.glm contains the default female twilek's head (jedi_tf), on a body of the human female (jedi_hf) and it also has Tavion's armor.
    Ive got no errors when i'm exporting glm in Blender, no crashes so far, and the model works perfectly ingame, except for one thing: the lightmap on the twilek's face looks wierd, like the face texture doesnt fit with the head texture, but this problem only occours on maps with lightmap. I'm pretty sure the texture and the shader is okay, I've tired everything i could, but i just cant fix this. 

    Heres a screenshot: https://ibb.co/2YvdCrv

    Any help would be appreciated! :) 


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