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  1. Link's post in Unusual lag after updating was marked as the answer   
    Very weird solution, but it works!
    For any one else with the same issue in the future, set these cvars:
    r_stencilbits 8
    r_depthbits 0
    r_colorbits 0
    Somewhere along the line, these values got set to 32 32 32 which doesn't work too well with JKA.
    Many thanks to Xycaleth and Ensiform for providing this fix  
  2. Link's post in help me was marked as the answer   
    He has made it clear he doesn't want to do it Sheesh
  3. Link's post in Broken file link was marked as the answer   
    I suggest using the "is this file broken" link on the file instead of posting a new thread
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