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  1. Hey guys! I've been looking into getting into JKA modding for a while, but have a handful of questions about what is or is not doable (and why). For one, browsing this forum I've noticed that most (if not all) mods are developed as though it's still the early 2000s - polycounts seem to be kept well below 5k or so, and texture resolution rarely seems to beat ~512px. What might the reason for this be? Hard-coded polycount limits? If so and if we truly have access to the game's full source, why haven't projects like OpenJK removed them? Secondly, I noticed that you never actually see your arms in-game. With this in mind, I can safely assume that they don't actually exist in the weapon models - something I may want to fix in a future (reanimation) mod. Once again that leaves me wondering, however: does the game actually have idle/attack animations for first-person weapons? The logical way to handle animations that simple would be with pure code, which would mean I would have to write a new system to play said animations. Thanks, SolarisBravo
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