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  1. B.A.T.


    Yeah I realize Im probably rehashing antiquated/irrelevant prejudices. And anything has got to be better then the clunky gang-bang garbage fest that is BF2 HvV mode. I should check out both Duels and Battles again. Is Open Jedi project enhanced universe any good? I only vaguely remember it from back in there day.
  2. B.A.T.


    Hello, obviously new here, looks like a cool community. A little about me, I've played all the Jedi Knight/dark forces titles when they were released, I remember learning to networking our computers for DF JK expansion just to be able to Vooowing lightsabers and force poweres at my friend's for the first time ever. Was a huge fan of dueling in academy, Forced Mod 3 in specific (which doesn't look too have withstood the test of time). but after a long hiatus, and continual disappointment in battlefront 2 to deliver that epic feel of voowinging one or more opponents into pieces landing whi
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