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  1. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try. Hope it won't end with the same error. But still I don't get what is wrong about KotF multiplayer. It's a shame because it's great and big mod
  2. Hi, So first of all: I have legal copy of Jedi Academy on my Steam account. I installed Knights of the Force 2.1 and its working well on single player, no ploblems at all..but when I'm trying to join or create a multiplayer session I enter the game for a few seconds and then it throws me to the main menu with CL_ParsePacketEntities error. I've heard this error occurs when using nocd or illegal versions but in my case it's not this problem... But... I see KotF uses an alternative launcher than vanilla game. Maybe this is seen as nocd or crack? I'm trying to set up a dedicated KotF server for me and my friends but its pointless when I can't even join my own game :/ I didn't came acros any solutions on the internet so please, if anyone have any ideas how to solve this I would be grateful.
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