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  1. Haha I got it to work! My paths were actually wrong and it was such a simple error. It was because my paths had / in it, instead of \. So stupid in hindsight. When I did source engine mapping, I had a similar error with Hammer. I am going to write up what I did to make it get materials showing correctly. I edited my ja.game in the games directory in radiant root directory with a text editor and I changed the file paths. You want to make sure the first file path leads to your game data directory, where ever it is on your PC, and make sure the second file path is like so. Your suggestion regarding NetRadiant helped me out as that had me set up file paths and that jogged my memory. Thank you for your assistance in doing so!
  2. Yes, shaderlist.txt is in my JK:A folder. I could upload it if desired.
  3. I added base and I still have the same result. Please note, I have only tested this with a Steam copy of JK:A, but I doubt that would have a substantial impact upon the process.
  4. EDIT: To anyone from the future, please see the bottom of this thread, I have attached my solution. Hello. Firstly, I am using GTK Radiant 1.6.6, the latest version I can download off https://icculus.org/gtkradiant/. Secondly, this is how my file path is setup. Now, these are now textures are showing in the editor. I have read some other forum posts on the internet, and they were not able to resolve my issue. Could somebody help me with this? Thank you very much.
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