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  1. It must've just been that one server I was joining. Works for another server.
  2. I've been looking up how to add them via console but everytime I try /rcon addbot kyle 5 it just says kyle isn't defined. Trying to add them to a TDM. I've had no luck on finding an answer through google. Anyone have answers? Not fun playing with these dumbed down bots. edit: I have this line in my cfg file "seta bot_minplayers 0" I I change it to 16 or whatever the bots are just dumb and not strong. Any extra cmd I can add to make them max level?
  3. I'm trying to run a Lan server and I got it working but the bots are dumber than I'm used to. I'm guessing they're Padawan level or whatever the weakest level is. Any sort of line I can add to the server.cfg to make them more difficult?
  4. I can see the models in the main menu profile but not after joining a server. I only got the Jedi customization one, a Anakin/Vader, Kylo Ren, and a Hilt pack. None are displaying. Anyone know the cause?
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