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  1. I came back to reinstall the game and the mod again, to see if I can get it working. Now what I'm presented with is the KotF launcher is no longer supported/discontinued and download the Jdownloader to update the game basically. So I have downloadeded it and now I'm just sat there with what looks like a uTorrent to reskin it and have no idea what's going on with this. I had a look around and I'm not the only one as far as I can tell. Not sure what to do here I can't even install it anymore and I dont remember having so many issues on this part. What I'm asking in short is how do you update KotF through the Jdownloader? I dont see anyway of doing this.
  2. Well it makes the MOD unplayable. i just spent 6 hours on operation nightfall on Jedi master because and couldn't finish it, and not even because the saves randomly crash the game on some sections of the game. (I found it happened in part one of the mission as palatine, and on part 4 of operation nightfall) But i also found that for what ever reason in part 2 and 3 of operation nightfall it switched sides when i loaded the game. Meaning if clones where stood behind me i was stuck in an insta-death loop -_-. Then I found i could fix it through the tab menu simply by switching back, but when i reloaded back from part 4 to 3 that stopped working as well, said cheats not enabled on this server. anyway i made it to part 4 but kept getting a random mission failed screen, which meant because of the save issues on part 4 i had to do the entire part 4 again! then i managed to kill all the Jedi and the game just stops, no mission complete just an empty room with a few clones looking confused as me. So I jumped out of hanger and instead of falling to my death I hit an invisible floor and my health counted up to 999. I cant finish that mission, going to try the academy story instead.
  3. dunno cant play the jedi academy campaign either ? i might try and reinstall it
  4. yeah i got it working but now everytime i save the game and try to reload it, it just throws me back to my desktop and this is with any save old and new
  5. yuuuuup couldn't figure out the URL but here is my alternative solution to this... https://imgur.com/a/omUjQjM
  6. Hi all, i have tried to install the mod myself which was my fault it went wrong so I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled. Not far off already, i have reinstalled the game, followed the guide as it said tried putting the folders in the game-data folder already extracted then i tried to extract the zipped folders into it after the other attempt also didn't work. both times when i start it up (admin access too) it doesn't come up with any text on the menus its just all blank and i can click on maybe to or three boxes with no text after helplessly waving the mouse around but its no use because i don't where i'm clicking ultimately bringing me to force closing. i was wondering if anyone knew what went wrong/ what i was doing wrong would appreciate the help i'm quite confused at this point but i don't feel like i went wrong with my final attempt and as far as i can tell it shouldn't be this hard, hence my confusion. thanks in advance.
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