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  1. Thank you for the tip! Learning that the hard way... I altered a .cfg to try and make JA run in full screen. Worked fine for JO but caused issues with JA. had to reinstall ?
  2. Hey there! I actually really enjoy playing JKII. Recently, I've been exploring the game code with WinRAR and adjusting values based on modding recommendations. It's actually brought some new life to the game and I've had a blast. Reaching into the realm of Forums now because I am trying to learn some advanced concepts. One in particular is saber modding. I've found all of the files for the saber .JPEGs and even found a file that looks like it calls those files. Thought it would be as simple as substituting a .JPEG and having the file call that file instead - NOPE! It was functional but I am still missing something, as only the wire-frame rendered and not the desired light saber color. Anyways - I'm glad to be here and ready to learn. I'll enjoy looking through these posts and gleaning what I can. Thanks!
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