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  1. **Hope's End: A SW JKA Roleplay** An open-ended Jedi Academy roleplay community where a galaxy of opportunity awaits you. The Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order; the Sith Empire; and the Chiss Ascendancy are all at eachother's throats, and in the cracks forming between them in the galaxy new factions such as the resurgent Mandalorian clans and a sinister crime syndicate are arising to stake their own claim. We have a evolving, ever changing plot that changes quarterly with our episodic concept. We are an active, easy-going community with over 70 members in the discord and 40+ active characters, and we would love to see you join us! We routinely have upwards of 10+ players on the server. We are led by an experienced group of roleplayers, some of us have been doing this as early as 2004! We have no judgement, and welcome anyone and everyone new and old to roleplay. We utilize JA+ for our mod, and have a number of custom models and skins. Come join us in our Discord invite posted below, and come say Hello on our server! Server IP: https://discord.gg/uFg4NUb
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