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    Hi all, OLTS is a spanish clan that started on 2002 playing Jk2, and later Jka. After some years of inactivity, recently we started playing again together, and we want to introduce us to the community. We are very active players and we are looking for other clans (pref. EU-Zone because of the ping, but we are open to the whole world) to play with and against. We play primarily JA+ and Basejk and love to FFA, TFFA and Duel. For now we have opened some servers on wich everyone is welcomed to play: OLTS/// Basejka Server: OLTS/// JA+ Server: OLTS/// Disruption Server: OLTS/// Basejka Duel1: Also if you are spanish and want to play in a active clan with tournaments and activities, where you will have a lot of laughs and fun, feel free to come and join our ranks. More info, contact and Discord: www.oltszone.com (for now only in spanish, we are working on an english version). See you around!
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