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  1. Heyo everyone. I am a modeller/ animator/ texturer, working for a few years on numerous SW assets, mostly Clone Wars themed. These Include and Obi Wan Kenobi headmesh (old and not too good looking), Phase II Clonetroopers, lightsaber hilts, Old Republic Era stuff and much more. However, i joined here pretty much for the sole purpose of finding modelers intrested working on Star Wars related works. I have a job offering for anyone who would take it, i need a model finished and textured. A payment is offered and negotiable. https://puu.sh/CUeuc/6104b85cba.jpg Long story short, i started working on this but i have more important work to do and whenever id have the time to continue this i never get around to doing it. I figured, well, im not the only modeller around the internet, maybe if i offer payment, someone would take the job and continue from where i left I dont have any specific reason for needing this model, just like the design, Was planning on using it to pose for screenshots and such, maybe ask a few mods if theyd have use for it, theres one classic BF II mod with an intresting idea for underwater conflict on Dac as it was in the Clone wars TV series So if youre intrested about discussing details, let me know
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