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  1. Hello there! Here to present my Clan and Server. I have a project in mind and there is no better way to begin with having a little advertisement so people can know about it. I really don't like when people say Lugormod is a dead mod and haven't really tried to make it work once again like it worked years ago. I love Lugormod and i think its one of the best mods out there and that's why i am here today. To make it work Presenting: -VoRtEx clan- Lore: It all started long ago, when Typhoon was mad at all the other supreme being equal to him. He didn't like this so he planed to kill every last one of the supreme beings, turning it to a war what was later called "The War of the Vortex" by the mortals. The war finished and Typhoon accomplished what he wanted leading to the absorption of all the other supreme being powers, including the power to create life itself. With this power Typhoon started to create what came to mind, exterminating what he didn't like until one day he had a perfect balance. He had creations that were Good, Evil and Neutral. He created the "Mind's eye" (*ME) a powerful Evil being that later founded the Jensaraai Order. Then he created the "High Justice" (*HJ) a powerful Good being that later founded The Knights of Zakuul. Time passed and they clashed in wars, until Typhoon realized he needed a Neutral force on the world of VoRtEx. So he created a being that was called the "Grand Master" (*GM) and he founded the Templar's Order. An order which were neither bad or good, and fought to keep balance often clashing with both orders to succeed. Much other factions were founded by different individuals and with this a Civilized Era began and that's the current era we live in the VoRtEx world. Don't get too comfortable though, there are still clashes between factions, and greed and other sins are present in the world. - A unknown source *There are more factions than the ones shown here, and more details can be found in the clans forum about each one. Furthermore, the lore of the world are in player hands and can be written based on events on the server.* IMPORTANT: I am looking for Builders, or people with old maps they can share... Now, The server details: 32 Slots North America, hosted by Jka.io It should be shown as NewLugormod VoRtExClan in the server list. SERVER IP: DISCORD: https://discord.gg/tfDAs87 <-- You can enter here for details or to chat, contact Typhoon there. Forum: http://lugormodclan.proboards.com Thank you all, hope to see you in the server or Discord.
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