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  1. oh well i mean i did what the other guy said before to copy skins to base so i can use with serenity mod, but some of the sith lords dont pop up like revan sion nihilus or the emp, and also some for some reason are atuomatically using guns
  2. is there a reason why some force users like revan are defaulted to guns? like when i have all guns allowd revan and few others cant carry lightsaber for some reason. Any way to fix this without console. For some reason some of the old republic dont appear on roster, like bastilla is missing sion nihlius and the one and only revan but Treya is there lol wtf
  3. thank you so much for the quick reply
  4. I have to say i really love the models used for this mod, but in another post i asked about manual block and was told that you werent implementing that at all, so my next question is, how can i use the models separately so i can use serenity system with your models, Im sorry im not experienced with and hopefully you can direct me on how to do this? I really love your models but the manual block really adds some flavor to the game.
  5. oh ok but it would be selecting the faction and going from there ok thank for fast reply
  6. theres no way to create a character like in the base game when starting new game? I like the investigator skin but if change to it im flagged as enemy and rosh tries to kill me. I like creating the jedi at the beginning was this completely removed?
  7. damn:( well thanks for quick reply
  8. Is there any mod that you may know of tat i can have the manual block mod? I love serentiy's combat mod but i see its incompatible, i tried downloading the block only but it bugs UI still. Any ideas? Or maybe anyway to implement your own into this?
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