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  1. wow! does this mean it will get made? it would help our rp so much! can you do it so it does not output to console of players that "server has changed name" or something like that? that would ruin immersion thx so much
  2. hi, i would please like to request if the team can to implement a function similar to lugormods : seta g_nameForServer "Server" //The server name when talking with RCON. i want it for ja+ but i was told in the irc jacoders that it is possible if there is a kind soul out there that can be bothered to do this. i want to be able to customize the name that the rcon user writes with when doing svsay, thanks.
  3. what about the others though? and why lite only? could i buy the rest?
  4. would you consider releasing these maps for public?
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