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  1. sorry, didnt quite understand. when you say "add non-steam shortuct" do you mean "add as non steam game"? and what bin? also i found that you can choose mods in the settings menu and one of the options is OpenJA. Does anyone know if this would be valid?
  2. My question is: if i launch JA with steam, am i running the "patched" OpenJA version or is it the vanilla one? If its the vanilla one, is there a way that i can play the patched version (OpenJA) with steam?
  3. Hello. From the title its obvious that i am somewhat new to this game. I played the vanilla version of Jedi Academy at a friends house a couple of times. Quite enjoyed it so i decided to buy myself a copy through steam. I played a couple of multiplayer matches and played on a couple of modded servers, got rekt by experienced players... I saw a couple of steam guides related to the game and one of them was a guide for new people to get into the game. That where i found out about this site What troubles me is, the guide recommended a lot of things to download and put into my game directory such as OpenJA, JA++ and some demos that are lessons/tutorials for newbies Half way through the process i got confused and realised i didnt even know what i was downloading. There was little explanation to what im doing or why im doing it. So id like to hear some of the things the more experienced players would recommend a new player to do. I taught of going through the singleplayer since i discovered there was more to lightsaber fights than spamming LMB, so i can get a grasp on the controls and moves. As for the mods like OpenJA and JA++, i have no idea what they are. I saw a forum thread here where a guy recommended new players stay away from JA++. Dont know why... In summary: Im kinda lost in this new world and would like some guidance.
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