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  1. This tutorial assumes you are either a server owner or a server admin on a mod such as JA+ with NPC permissions. Vehicles Usage /npc spawn vehicle # Example /npc spawn vehicle atst_vehicle List of vehicles NPC's Usage /npc spawn # Example /npc spawn desann List of NPC's Maps Usage Multiplayer admin: /rcon map # For JA+ servers, will load the selected map in FFA mode: /ammap 0 # Singleplayer: /map # With cheats enabled: /devmap # Example /rcon map mp/ffa3 /ammap 0 mp/ffa3 List of maps
  2. This tutorial assumes you are either a server owner or a server admin on a mod such as JA+ with NPC permissions. Vehicles Usage /npc spawn vehicle # Example /npc spawn vehicle atst_vehicle List of vehicles atst_vehicle lambdashuttle rancor_vehicle swoop swoop_mp swoop_mp2 swoop_red tie-fighter tauntaun tie-bomber tie-bomber2 wampa_vehicle wildtauntaun x-wing NPC's Usage /npc spawn # Example /npc spawn desann List of NPC's alora alora_dual assassin_droid bartender bespin_cop bespincop bespincop2 boba_fett bobafett chewie chewie_cin chiss cultist cultist/brown cultist_destroyer cultist_drain cultist_grip cultist_lightning cultist_saber cultist_saber_all_throw2 cultist_saber_all2 cultist_saber_med_throw2 cultist_saber_med2 cultist_saber_stong2 cultist_saber_strong_throw2 cultist_saber_throw2 cultist_saber2 cultistcommando desann DKothos elder elder2 galak galak_mech glider gonk gran gran2 granboxer granshooter hazardtrooper hazardtrooperconcussion hazardtrooperofficer howler human_merc human_merc/key_carrier human_merc/racto human_merc_bow human_merc_cnc human_merc_flc human_merc_key human_merc_rep impcommander imperial imperial/commander imperial/officer imperial_worker imperialsaboteur impofficer impworker interrogator jan jawa jawa_armed jedi jedi/j2 jedi/master jedi_hf1 jedi_hf2 jedi_hm1 jedi_hm2 jedi_kdm1 jedi_kdm2 jedi_random jedi_rm1 jedi_rm2 jedi_tf1 jedi_tf2 jedi_zf1 jedi_zf2 jedi2 jedif jedimaster jeditrainer kyle kyle_boss lando lannik_racto luke mark1 mark2 merc merchant minemonster monmothma morgan morgankatarn mouse mutant_rancor noghri nulldriver player prisoner prisoner prisoner/elder prisoner/elder2 prisoner/merchant prisoner2 probe protocol protocol_imp r2d2 r2d2_imp r5d2_imp r5d2_npc ragnos (Spawning Ragnos on a multiplayer server will crash players) rancor rax RaxJoris rebel rebel2 rebelpilot reborn reborn/boss reborn_dual reborn_dual2 reborn_new reborn_new2 reborn_staff reborn_staff2 reborn_twin/boss rebornacrobat rebornboss rebornchiss rebornfencer rebornforceuser RebornMaster RebornMasterDual RebornMasterStaff rebornrodian reborntrandoshan rebornweequay reelo remote remote_sp rockettrooper RocketTrooper_ver1 rockettrooper2 rocketTrooper2Officer rocks rodian rodian/sp rodian2 rosh rosh_dark rosh_penin rosh_penin_noforce roshpenin saber_droid saber_droid_training saboteur saboteurcommando saboteurpistol saboteursniper sand_creature sand_creature_fast seeker sentry shadowtrooper shadowTrooper2 snowtrooper stcommander stofficer stofficeralt stormpilot stormtrooper stormtrooper stormtrooper/officer stormTrooper2 swamptrooper swampTrooper2 tavion tavion_new tavion_new/possessed tavion_scepter tavion_sith_sword trandoshan trandoshan/sp tusken tuskenraider tuskensniper ugnaught ugnaught2 VKothos wampa weequay weequay/sp weequay2 weequay3 weequay4 Maps Usage /rcon map # /ammap 0 # (For JA+ servers, will load the selected map in FFA mode) Example /rcon map mp/ffa3 /ammap 0 mp/ffa3 List of maps academy1 academy2 academy3 academy4 academy5 academy6 hoth2 hoth3 kor1 kor2 mp/ctf1 mp/ctf2 mp/ctf3 mp/ctf4 mp/ctf5 mp/duel1 mp/duel2 mp/duel3 mp/duel4 mp/duel5 mp/duel6 mp/duel7 mp/duel8 mp/duel9 mp/duel10 mp/ffa1 mp/ffa2 mp/ffa3 mp/ffa4 mp/ffa5 mp/siege_desert mp/siege_hoth mp/siege_korriban t1_danger t1_fatal t1_inter t1_rail t1_sour t1_surprise t2_dpred t2_rancor t2_rogue t2_trip t2_wedge t3_bounty t3_byss t3_hevil t3_rift t3_stamp taspir1 taspir2 vjun1 vjun2 vjun3 yavin1 yavin1b yavin
  3. The NOR Clan, New Order Rising, was founded on the 18th of April 2015 by AchiYami, Ansanati and Lostris. The clanleaders have known each other since 2008 from the HcC clan of which they all were a part of. All of them have been active on JKA in different clans after HcC closed down. After an inactivity period they all came back in contact and founded NOR. They wanted a clan without all the drama, without really strict rules. But one with respect and fun. They founded NOR because they love the game and would like to share this with others. NOR is a place where we hang out together as friends, there are ranks for the idea of progress but we are all equal, members have a say in how the clan is run. We also like to mess up the server settings every now and then and have a low gravity day, no kata day or a pro blue stance day by adjusting the blue damages. However we will not tell you this, you will have to find out on your own! To keep our members interacting we have a group conversation on skype. In many clans there is the problem that members do not join the server when it is empty. Through our skype group conversation you can just ask people to hang out on the server and instantly reach every member. We are a laid back group who love the game. Do you still love this old game but don't want to bother with strict rules? NOR might just be the place for you! JOIN NOR CLAN! Website: http://www.nor-clan.com Server IP: (JA+ with SP damages)
  4. Ahhhw boo!! Nah kidding. Didn't know
  5. Then don't look behind you! There are more! You did make me feel instantly loved as first woman on this forum though.. :love:
  6. Just making my first post and say Hi :-p I'm Lostris, 22 (almost 23 WooT) and I've been playing JO since it came out and then over to JKA when it came out. Greetz!
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