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  1. Yep btw thanks for always answering to all my questions, you are really kind
  2. but it's server side? cause i need it client-side xD Tried the mod but the collisions persists :0
  3. I think JA without mods it's perfect, but the one issue i can find is the duel, i cannot duel in an area where people make collisions with my player, so there are mods that fix that? apart of JA++ and JA+? Thanks.
  4. Davidino

    Bug in JA++?

    ah sorry @@Circa didn't see that category :0
  5. Davidino

    Bug in JA++?

    When i type in the console "cg_toprightfont 2" the font of fps and timer changes, but when i reload the game, the font retun to default, why?:0
  6. @@Circa i find this one, on the same JA++ site, you know the "strafe hud" but i don't know why, the last time i installed the chat started to be bugged
  7. i see so many ppl on youtube that have a ups hud, too on JK2 but i don't know how to enable it :0 or it is a mod?
  8. @@Corto so can you create this one for me pls? :0
  9. @@AshuraDX I give up with creating crosshairs xD so if there is one can create this for me i'll be happy :0 Thanks @@Caelum @the_raven already talked with razor but the problem still
  10. I have no idea why I cannot create new topics in "Mod requests & suggestions" so I'll post it here. I need someone that can make for me a crosshair, I tried to create this new one, but as you can see in the picture below, it only appears in the menu... can someone create for me this crosshair? :0 Thanks.
  11. Wow great! and it is like on windows? I have it on steam, so I think on mac will be the same, just go to properties and local files :0 then copy and paste the .pk3 in gamedata/base :0 or not? then lunch JKA with the launcher -> connect to the server you want -> play with skins and maps xD
  12. Hi Circa, the 1.3 is the version of the JKJALaunch app XD and now I'm on windows 7, but I think I'll buy a macbook air in the future so I wanna know if there is a way to mod JA on mac :3
  13. There is a way to play Star Wars™: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy™ multiplayer with mods (like maps, skins etc.) on Mac OS X operative systems? Because, I saw the JKA Launcher for OS X 1.3, it is just to fix the issues on Mac OS X Lion and the Mountain Lion or the new operative systems/apple computers have the same issues? And how to mod JK:JA if there is not a directory like on Windows? can someone clarify my ideas? thanks.
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