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  1. oh thanks that would help me a lot!! sooner is better but it doesn't have to hurry... so no circumstances
  2. ok thanks for the tips dofradius didn't help but nevermind one last thing: starting jomme on win xp leads to an error (no valid win32 application -> the jomme.exe) is that caused by the jomme.exe or winxp?
  3. whats irl (im not familiar with coding, etc..)? -> you mean dofradius to a lower value? ye thats with "little world" is true (photography is a hobby ). i liked that style becuase i wanted to show the players as figures you use to play (they actually are figures youre "playing" with) ok but if a less powerful blur helps ill change it. Question: -if i use a lower radius, ill be using less dofframes, right? -is the blurtype only influenting the motion blur? (could a linear blur used for dof draw the drain more intensive?)
  4. i already tested it: i forgot to set the vfps (it was set 350) http://img4web.com/view/ZXJBEC looks like there is the same problem in jk3
  5. hmm, i think so is there no problem with the drain effect in jka?
  6. yo guys, first of all: GREAT mod! Thanks for the JK2 MME version Ok, i've a problem: The drain effect (nearly) disappears with dof enabled. Thats how it looks without dof (thats how the effect should look): http://img4web.com/view/7A7G95 Thats how it looks with dof and vfps 1: http://img4web.com/view/QZ2LHR Dof and vfps 1000: http://img4web.com/view/3NVSM5 Is there any other possibility to fix that?
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