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  1. Hi Xycaleth, Thanks for the quick reply. I'll be eagerly waiting in the meantime. Also are there any mods that provide more controller support? So that I wouldn't have to use Pinnacle Game Profiler. Not to say anything bad about pinnacle, it's easily the best program of it's kind. Cheers
  2. Hi, I like playing JO & JA with my x360 controller using a mixture of third party dinput drivers and Pinnacle Game Profiler. And I find it works really well. But I've noticed that the force feedback (vibration) support with OpenJK doesn't work. When I play JA without OpenJK, the vibration works, but when I use OpenJK it doesn't. Futhermore I noticed with OpenJK, when I open the console it doesn't show the controller as a device at all, whereas it does without OpenJK. Also when I select the force feedback option in the controls menu the red writing says something like " will apply changes and return to main menu." It does flash back to main menu without OpenJK, but with it, and the console shows " unknown ui script update_ff ". I tried adding command lines from the original jaconfig file to the openjk cfg file like "seta use_ff "1" etc... But without success. If anybody knows of a way to fix this I'll be greatly appreciative. Cheers
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