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  1. OUTIN

    my 3 story castle of doom.
    my first map. my last map.
    "awesome!!! 10/10" -Kay11
    "10000/10 BEST MAP EVER if youv'e played you'll know wat i'm talking about!!!" -Ghosthree3
    "yea this map is a little DF2ish it's nice tho!" -dynablade223
    "Please release maps when they're done. If the map has bugs - fix them before release. Also, test with a clean base folder, fix your lighting, and work on realistic texturing (though the architecture isn't bad for a first map)" -somenoob
    This is a jk3 map i made based off the jk2 [DBS] castle outin
    my homeboy skillet FENDER made for us back in the day.
    I am carrying on the legacy into jk3. its a 3 story castle with tons of
    secrets, ways to die, and npc's.
    npc kill all at map change is a good idea if hosting with laggy ppl. its
    very bland looking, feel free to fix it for me : )
    *sorry im not a leet mapper but i did damn well for self taught i think...*
    the wallfight room is 100% my creation,
    i felt jk3 was missing something HUGE! force sensitive enviornments!!! my
    lair, and various evil devices are all my ideas based on what
    Death By Stereo's original home felt like. theres tons of quirks about this
    small glitches ive learned to love like how its ''hot'' in the lava moat, or
    how sometimes the hidden tele to the secret labrenth
    sometimes kicks you out to the castles' front door. : ) i didnt know how or
    why but its neat!! the map is totally beta: the fire doesnt burn you,
    and my dungeon's execution room was really hard to make so i kinda gave up.
    (push button to close & lock door AND start a huge fire?)
    theres tons of secrets if u wanna know em all hit me up on xfire: SHWARTS
    i'll host it for ya and walk ya through!


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