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  1. 'Kay, so let's please get back on-topic: deletion of the nonsense & off-topic forums. That happened a few days ago. So far I'd say it's much too early to see how it's working out, but I'm actually pretty hopeful about it. Any further thoughts on that, anybody?
  2. I'm going to go ahead and lock this before this thread goes in the same direction a million others have gone before it. Some assorted thoughts: We just hid both the nonsense & off-topic forums (see this thread) to try and stop these constant weekly internet dramas from happeningNobody is cyber-bullying anybody: there's absolutely no pervasive pattern of people seeking contact with you and harassing you (that I know of). That's not to say that thread wasn't an utter shitstorm, but the term cyber-bullying refers to a specific pattern of harassment you can't sensibly remove yourself from that I think doesn't apply to this at all.Eezstreet's posts represent his own opinions, not some official standpoint of JKHub's staff as a whole. Similarly, this post contains my own opinions and observations rather than the entire staff's, etc. We're just, like, these humans with varying viewpoints trying to moderate this place to the best of our ability, you know?Nobody is going to publicly apologize to anybody because we wouldn't even know where and with whom to start, and I feel that'll just light this whole drama right back up.I'm really hoping that with the nonsense & off-topic forums gone, we'll now have found a real, working solution to this kind of constant drama, and generally raised the quality of the average post on JKHub.
  3. The 'yes' vote counter is slowly ticking up, and frankly, I think that if all the staff feels this way too and is having this same issue, that's a pretty compelling reason to try out this experiment by itself. https://jkhub.org/topic/8345-jkhub-changelog/?p=131654
  4. Hid the 'offtopic' forumHid the 'nonsense' forumCreated the 'Star Wars Franchise Discussions' forumMay shuffle forum sections around a bit later as @@Circa had a pretty good idea for that, but for now, I'm just getting this out of the way. See also https://jkhub.org/topic/8373-should-we-delete-the-nonsense-forum/?p=131613
  5. Does mankind really need internet drama originating on a weekly basis from derailed off-topic/nonsense threads about real life things, on a forum about a Star Wars game though? I sort of shudder to think how many people end up never posting here after seeing the drama that goes on in those two forum sections. I'd decide against ever posting on JKHub if I saw some of the posts in there.
  6. Regardless though, are we okay with me running an experiment now to hide both and see what actually happens? I know this poll is half a year old, but if so, could we have a few more votes in the poll above? I'd really like to do this, but I don't want to do it while there's twice the votes that explicitly don't want me to touch those forum sections. Obviously if we try this, I turn out to be wrong, and it does simply spill over to other forum sections, I'll undo the entire experiment.
  7. I feel like we should revisit this, but at the same time, I feel like my hands are completely tied because of this poll and general popular opinion. I am so very very tired of the constant flame wars, political threads, streams of reports, post moderation, and utter vitriol in the Nonsense and Off Topic forums.I'd like to implement a more technical solution for it. I have a number of things in mind, but none of them are possible right now, as they'd all require extensive custom development we just don't have the resources for.I'd really like to at least run an experiment where we see whether, if we hide both forum sections, people will actually just continue to post the same things in other forum sections. I really believe that assumption is not true.I'd like to replace both with a misc star wars related forum section for Star Wars related offtopic stuffs, but not so much real life debates.I don't feel like I can actually run this experiment with a poll so overwhelmingly against this just half a year ago.Think with me here JKHub. Is this something I should pursue or should I just drop it? Does this poll still reflect how everybody feels, i.e. I shouldn't mess with the nonsense forum (and presumably by extension, off-topic)?
  8. Replaced the sidebar block in the downloads section containing most downloaded files with a static, human-updated list of popular downloads (of all time). Continued attempts by mod authors to pump up their download counts and get in that sidebar block forced my hand. It'll be replaced with a block of top rated downloads when JKHub 2.0 happens, which will also let us do some cool technical stuff to prevent things like this. Until then though, a static sidebar block. Even more cosmetic fixes in the downloads section
  9. So I've finally gotten back, after spending most of this month travelling, dealing with life stuff, and filtering sudden ungodly amounts of DDoS attacks on JKA servers I host. Added a note to the 'offtopic' forum's description stating it's not an appropriate place for political discussion (nor is any other forum here)Fix: multiple cosmetic issues in the tutorials sectionFix: cosmetic issue in list of forum threads in forum sectionFix: cosmetic issue in the list of likes on people's forum profilesFix: cosmetic issue in 'view new content'Fix: multiple minor cosmetic issues involving incorrectly rounded bordersFix: multiple cosmetic issues when editing your profile settingsFix: cosmetic issue when posting a pollFix: cosmetic issue when quoting multiple posts using the obscure multiquote functionFix: multiple cosmetic issues throughout the downloads sectionBasically just fixing all of the cosmetic issues I can find today. Most of them are things like unreadable/wrongly colored text, but really any minor design thing that looks buggy and wrong and has been there forever.
  10. Just want to reiterate for redundancy since I'm hearing lots of FUD about this: JKHub and any JKA site using my web hosting are unaffected (due to only using CloudFlare for DNS), and anyone who tries to convince you otherwise is wrong on the internet.
  11. Reduced number of users you may tag per post from 20 to 3 to prevent continued abuse of the user tagging system. The number 3 is pretty arbitrary, so yell at me if it's way too low.
  12. For god's sake. Don't make me disable dismember users tagging in this forum section next. EDIT: significantly reduced maximum number of mentions per post (20 -> 3) to prevent this happening in future. Tagged users above rejoice. Carry on now.
  13. Upcoming changes involving more news articles and whatnot will be slightly delayed as I'll be turning my attention to a JKH server tracker first. Also, travelling for two weeks soon. Sorry!

    1. Bek


      You sadden Jkhub with your departure, great Caelum. We all anticipate your return.

    2. Caelum


      To be fair I'll probably still be here, just on a phone, unproductively.

    3. Bek


      Ahh the great Caelum has always been a master a stealth. Enjoy your trip dude.

  14. Way ahead of you, @@NAB622 and myself are working on a thing. Pending our mutual ridiculous schedules though, but it will be a thing. Just saying. EDIT: Ramikad, you absolute ninja.
  15. +set dedicated 2 in the server's startup line, and set one of your sv_master1-5 in your server.cfg to "master.jkhub.org" - that should work for showing up on the server list at least.
  16. Deja vu. It's not that I'm terribly, terribly biased or anything, but I hear https://jka.io are pretty cool as far as JKA server hosting goes. Come check out the site and/or have a chat with me if you like.
  17. Would require the database be utf8mb4 instead of utf8, which brings all manner of issues with it due to the expanded character set. It's not even possible with the current software. It would be possible with JKHub 2.0, but I'm not interested in implementing it because of various issues it would create. Tl;dr won't implement, sorry. Use existing smileys. EDIT: Okay, I might implement it for JKH 2.0. It depends. I'm not ruling it out, on second thought. But don't count on it either. EDIT: on third thought, this is probably coming for JKH 2.0, to replace image-based emoji. Maybe. No promises.
  18. Yeah, attachments aren't supported right now because of a number of issues. Tell you what, email a copy of your passport/driver's license/ID card/whatever to verify[at]jkhub.org for me? I'll double check it, then delete it from our mail server, and then work out a news post type thing. @@Circa just suggested an interview type thing alternatively, that might work too; either way, we'll get in touch to work something cool out.
  19. Fix: submitting a post took for-fucking-ever. It doesn't anymore. Fix: I messed up the background color while fixing therfiles' star. I fixed the background color now.
  20. @@MGummelt I'd love to make this thread into a JKHub news article (with way more people reading it both here & on other sites) for you to answer players' questions about JKA/JKO's development there. What do you think? I would have to ask for a copy of your passport or driver's license or ID card or similar to verify you're actually you though. Send me a PM if you're at all interested in doing that.
  21. @@NAB622 Want to cooperate with me to create a JKHub server tracker based off this in the coming days? Will HTML/CSS, just need PHP developer for custom development of a number of things.
  22. Fix: download counts were still visible in a clever hidden place Fix: registration form had two submit buttons, one of which broke everything if pressed Fix: post editor preferences (WYSIWYG vs non-WYSIWYG) would sometimes not be remembered Made spambot filtering more strict due to influx of spam bots Assorted minor code bug fixes & small performance improvements File authors can now see the number of downloads their own file has (but not other people's files) (@@Sentra @@Darth Futuza) Fix: a star in the background pattern was badly positioned on some resolutions (@@therfiles)
  23. >.> Not that I'm terribly, terribly biased or anything, but https://jka.io are pretty good. Have a location near New York that's technically in Canada rather than the US, but only barely.
  24. I was worried the sticky thread would go largely ignored, I feel like that's more or less what happened. I don't really pay much attention to the forum section though, so I may be wrong. I've been thinking about a better way to handle it, but I won't be able to implement it until JKH 2.0 is a thing. Basically: I'll be able to set up custom post fields for threads. That would allow mod request posts to not just have a message body, but fields like "links to screenshots, videos & other media", "why should this specific thing be created", etc. I feel like that may slightly raise post quality just by forcing users to answer questions like that. Thoughts?
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